David Sedaris Reads His Loyal Reader, Drew Barrymore

David Sedaris Reads His Loyal Reader, Drew Barrymore

It’s Week 10 of The Drew Barrymore Show and its host has lost none of her energy, but seems to be gaining aptitude for describing her existential condition. Per this week’s shows, Barrymore spends her life “like a Labrador in heat,” came out of the womb “10, with a martini, in 1975,” and was having a day where she felt like she was on roller skates on a greased floor. These are vivid and seem accurate!

However, Barrymore’s wordsmithing was no match for that of cherished guest David Sedaris, who was amused by Barrymore’s tendency so rant forcefully about that which she feels passionate. He said a string of compliments about his writing sounded like her explanation as to why he belongs in prison. After another forceful litany of praise, Sedaris determined that Barrymore’s aesthetic is “angry merriment.”

Barrymore agreed. “And that is the way I want to go into this holiday: with some angry merriment,” she responded. And to all a good night!

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