Dealbook Conference Could Only Find 1 Woman to Talk About Business


The annual New York Times Dealbook conference is a pretty capital-BD Big Deal, if conferences can be considered Big Deals. So why was this year’s conference only able to find space for 1 woman on its 18-speaker roster when organizers were easily able to pencil in 2 Winklevoss twins?

The discouraging gender lopsidedness of the conference’s agenda was pointed out by Reuters’ Felix Salmon on Twitter, who noted that the conference, which touts itself as “a platform for the world’s most influential executives, board members, investors and policymakers to discuss the intersection of finance, technology and the corporate sector and influence the global conversation” overrepresented both men and Winklevii and underrepresented women and non-Winklevii.

In response, conference organizer Andrew Ross Sorkin Tweeted that they “invited many top women” but the timing hasn’t worked out. Maybe they all had their periods.

Women: can’t live with ’em, can’t find ’em to speak at science or business conferences. Yet they always seem to be around when it’s time to blame someone for corrupting the morals of America’s youth!


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