Diana Ross Seems to Have Misplaced the Footage from Her 75th Birthday Party

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Diana Ross Seems to Have Misplaced the Footage from Her 75th Birthday Party

Diana Ross wanted to make sure that even us plebes who weren’t invited to her 75th birthday party could still feel like we were there, so she had a special concert just for us! That’s so sweet! We’re never gonna see it though, because the footage appears to be missing.

As she said during a Q&A in Atlantic City, via Page Six:

“I had a birthday party, but I didn’t just want to have a party for my close friends without having a party with my fans,” the “I Will Survive” singer explained to the audience when asked about the affair. “So I did a show and we didn’t start until midnight, and I did a show especially for you guys, really. That’s what it was all about.”
She continued, “We invited a lot of my celebrity friends and so they would get up on the stage and sing with me. You should have seen Stevie Wonder! Was he amazing? He was amazing! And Puffy [Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs], and my son, my daughters, everybody performed with me. It was a lovely night.”

Wow, that sounds great! I’d love to see Stevie Wonder! Where can I watch?

And while they did film the entire event, unfortunately, “What happened is I lost the drive. I can’t find the drive! You know how you film it on a hard drive? I didn’t find it! But it’s not lost, it’s gotta be found somewhere, and then you can see it. You’ll be able to see it. But it was a lovely night.”

Oh. Well, she tried. [Page Six]

Hello, would you like to see a headline? I think it’s somewhere at the bottom of my purse, hang on a sec, oh h—wait no, that’s a lipstick cap, oh wait, here it is:


Sounds like a blast, but the main takeaway from the story is that Gwyneth Paltrow’s butt seems to exist as its own entity, separate from the rest of her. Is it even her butt? She sometimes doesn’t know. This is thanks to her trainer, Tracy Anderson:

“After months training with Tracy, I walked past the mirror naked one time and thought: ‘damn, whose butt is that?’ Then I realised it was mine!
“But my butt is not great at the moment. I was just in Italy and I totally pigged out on pasta,” she says, in a slow, steady voice as I choke for air.

I get it. But unlike Gwyneth, it’s when my butt doesn’t look its best that I try to pretend it’s not mine, the way an angry parent tries to shunt their kid off on the other parent when they’ve done something wrong. She should try it! [The Sun]

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