Did Mary Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy Just Get Married?

Reports are coming in from around the globe about the most exciting Mary Kate Olsen news since that time she and her sister released a CD of greatest hits which I ironically paid retail for! Olsen and partner Olivier Sarkozy may be married. MAAAAAARIED?

The New York Daily News has, well, some shaky evidence that the lovebirds, who’ve been together since 2012, are now wedded in holy matrimony. The pair have been seen wearing gold wedding bands and a “well-informed source” has confirmed that Olsen and Sarkozy are now living in wedded bliss.

True or not, best of luck to the both of them. And also to Ashley Olsen, who helped Mary Kate make the best vine ever at one point. Sorry, Tish.

Image via Getty

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