Dior Haute Couture: For The Deranged Landed Gentlewoman In You


John Galliano generally serves up Drama. And his Dior show today in Paris did not disappoint. In the gallery ahead: Horsey get-ups (giddy-ups?), voluminous ball gowns and unsettlingly arched brows!

Fierce red riding coat, gorgeous plaid skirt. The only problem? It would appear that her ladyship’s steed has gone astray.

Oh, dear. Someone’s stable boy is in trouble.

Rumor has it Lady Stiffupperlip steers her own phaeton. How very novel.

The red lip and the winged eye are so very classic; the Bride-Of-Frankenstein streaks are exciting: Is gray hair going to be IN?

Perfectly proper while pretty, preposterous.

Madame D’Incorrigible is going on a fox hunt, all right. Just not the kind you’re thinking of.

While the jewel tones of the dress are divine, there’s something off about the eyeshadow hue, lending the entire effect an air of unpredictability that veers into Sunset Boulevard madness.

Um, Mr. DeMille? Someone is ready for her close-up. And it seems best not to keep her waiting.

Dare we say CUTE SHOES? (Ixnay on the oves-glay, however.)

Looks like Henrietta’s back from being schooled abroad in Paris, and she’s got a secret.

Perfect for a garden party. At Versailles.

While Galliano is known for going over the top and being theatrical, he also creates garments with intricate, exquisite detail. Has lace ever looked so rich?

The Countess absolutely cannot believe she is not on the guest list. Heads will roll!

A deconstructed tuxedo grounded by a skirt of meticulous ruffles: Not for wallflowers.

More restraint, delicacy. For Galliano, anyway.

The full skirts with sweeping hems are both retro and now; for some reason the old shape seems new again. And beautiful as ever.

It’s basically a bustle! But instead of costume-y, it’s merely stunning.

A girl needs a place to hide her champagne.

You’ve got to love the fact that a dress with this much volume, tulle, and satin also has a collar.

A bunch of brides just sighed, did you hear it?

This gown will most certainly end up on the red carpet. The question is: On whom?

Someone is having either the best — or worst — prom night ever.

Monsieur Galliano prepares to ride off into the sunset.

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