Disney Eggs: They're Eggs. By Disney.


We have rarely been as confused or disturbed by anything in our lives as we are by the new “Disney Eggs,” which we discovered via a commercial break during the fourth hour of Today.

As you see, it’s eggs. With Disney characters stamped on the shells. Possibly selling at a markup. Is this some kind of tie-in to a movie, or further proof of the evils of agribusiness and the coming apocalypse? And while marketers obviously want to trick kids into believing that the plain old eggs are going to come out magically Mickey-shaped, we want to know: 1. Do the eggs come with the mold? 2. How much does said mold cost? 3. Does egg actually seep out from under edges of said mold, rendering shape unrecognizable, as has been the case in all our experiments with whimsical egg-shapery? The only way I can see this strangely low-fi “new product” swaying any egg-hater is if you give them something shell-on, ie hard-boiled or soft-cooked. Even then, any kid is quickly going to get wise to the fact that it’s just a plain old egg, but a prancing Donald Duck might buy you a reluctant bite or two.

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