Dita Von Teese Gets "Scared" On RuPaul's Drag Race


Last night’s episode involved a burlesque challenge, which meant that the Queens had poledancing lessons… and were judged by Dita Von Teese.

At first some of the contestants were shocked by the moves and freaked out by the “vaginas,” but Mystique grabbed her pole with enthusiasm, and worked it with skill. Nicole Paige Brooks, however, found that straddling the pole was not as easy as it looked.

RuPaul’s “draguweather forecast” predicted showers, but when performing in front of a crowd (including judges RuPaul, Dita, Kim Coles and Santino Rice), not all of the Queens were able to make it rain on stage. Raven felt that she made enough money for a “nice dinner… at the Sizzler.”

Even though the producers probably just cut this scene together to make it look like Dita found Nicole Paige Brooks’ dance moves distasteful, it’s totally believable. Dita doesn’t like skanky.

Dita on Raven: “I was a little bit scared. I would not leave my man in a room alone with you.”

In the end, Raven and Nicole Paige Brooks had to lipsync for their lives, and NPB had to sashay away. She was missing her son, however, so it was all good.

The aftershow, Untucked, featured lots of drama and some heartfelt conversations about coming out (Sahara’s mother is a pastor and the relationship is strained). But the best part was when Jessica Wild gave the decor a handjob.

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