Do You Think Priyanka Chopra Helped Nick Jonas Clean His Teeth at the Grammys?

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Do You Think Priyanka Chopra Helped Nick Jonas Clean His Teeth at the Grammys?

Did you hear about something called the Grammys last night? They were apparently a big deal, or so I’m told. Not for Nick Jonas, though! The Disney alum and wife guy performed with his brothers—Joe and the other one—with a bunch of food in his teeth. Nick’s response? Who cares!

While singing along to a song called “What a Man Gotta Do,” Nick Jonas didn’t do the one thing men should do, which is clean their teeth before going onstage. People reports that shortly after fans (but mostly people who weren’t fans) began dunking on Nick for some lettuce in his teeth, he tweeted:

My main concern is whether Priyanka Chopra helped him fish it out of his teeth after the performance. Or maybe they didn’t realize it was there, passionately kissed, and accidentally swapped the lettuce between them. Is there footage of this? I know the Grammys had a camera trained on them—where is that footage, then? I’d like to see it! [People]

After yelling at Teresa Giudice onscreen for years, cheating on her, and roping her into financial fraud (or so she says), Joe Giudice is finally a single man. Considering how long and drawn out his split with Teresa was, you’d think the vocal Trump supporter would be more broken up about it—but nope! TMZ reports that he’s currently in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, where he’s partying it up with some women who are not Teresa in beachside cabanas and seemingly having a great time!

Of course, the case could be made that Joe should be entitled to do whatever he wants after what he likely witnessed while in ICE custody for most of last year. And that case would probably be correct! Still, it’s hard to ignore how incredibly vicious he’s been to Teresa throughout the years, like screaming at her on the phone, cheating on her while cameras are rolling, or calling her a rather horrible name that one time. Still though, the two have been through it the last few years, and the best thing for everyone involved is their impending divorce.

Since the pair announced their split last month, they’ve remained mum on the details. However, I’d guess that many of the reasons can be found in their sit-down interview with Andy Cohen, where Teresa claimed she would leave him if he ended up in Italy. That came true, of course, and Teresa has since been photographed with her pool guy. Surprised? Well, Bravo gave him a mic pack on this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Make of that what you will! [TMZ]

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