Do You Want To Listen To Britney Spears' Leaked 'Tom's Diner' Cover?


In 1987, Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner” was released as an a cappella track on her album Solitude Standing. Three years later, it found wider success after being remixed by the British group DNA as an electronic track. Now, in 2015, the classic song has evolved once more. This generation’s “Tom’s Diner” is a cover by famed producer Giorgio Moroder, and features vocals by current Las Vegas resident Britney Spears.

Snippets of the, uh, reimagining were reported by SPIN on Friday, but a Britney Spears fan tumblr quickly posted the full track. The song has been produced to the moon and back, and the repetitive hook makes Britney sound more robotic than ever, but that’s not entirely a bad thing! Nostalgic and clubby, this iteration of “Tom’s Diner” is the type of song that has the potential to go over wonderfully at Spears’ Las Vegas spectacle, so it might have been a good move! Mostly I just want to know what Suzanne thinks.

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