Dog Swarms Are the Hot New Marriage Proposal Trend


You know what goes nicely with a heartfelt declaration of love? A small swarm of dogs. Meet the latest thing in stunt marriage proposals!

People Pets reports that recently, a Brooklyn man proposed to his girlfriend in snowy Fort Greene Park with the assistance of a bunch of French bulldogs wearing metallic heart balloons:

The Frenchie led them to – wait for it – more Frenchies! A group of 15 dogs was gathered at the park’s Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument alongside their owners, who held posters. When Micallef signaled, they flipped over their signs to reveal the message: “MARRY ME JESS.”

She said yes but quickly got her priorities in order: “I’m more interested in the dogs!”

Believe it or not, though, this is actually the second such news story. Back in October, the New York Daily News says, a man proposed to his girlfriend in Central Park, surrounded instead by 16 pugs wearing balloons. Who needs original ideas when you’ve got a bunch of dogs?

If anyone tries this with a bunch of Shiba Inus, I swear to God I am moving to Antarctica. Don’t. Just please don’t.

(h/t Jordan Cohen)

Photo via AP Images

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