Dr. Luke Is Back, and He's Accusing Kesha's Former Lawyer of Lying About Court Documents

Dr. Luke Is Back, and He's Accusing Kesha's Former Lawyer of Lying About Court Documents

The last time I recall hearing about Dr. Luke was all the way back in January, when Lady Gaga reiterated her support for Kesha in an unsealed deposition. Kesha, as you may remember, accused Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwald) of sexual and emotional abuse including rape, and filed a suit against him in 2014. He countersued for defamation, and their legal battle continues. Kesha’s request to be dropped from Luke’s label, Kemosabe, was also denied. Now, there’s this: according to Page Six, Dr. Luke has requested that a judge sanction Kesha’s former lawyer Mark Geragos because, he claims, Geragos lied during a 2017 court battle. (Kesha split ways with the attorney in 2016.)

Dr. Luke alleges Geragos said he was unable to provide documents two years ago because they had been deleted. However, Dr. Luke believes the lawyer recently filed those same documents in a separate defamation case the producer filed against him—not Kesha—after Geragos accused Luke of raping Lady Gaga. “Years after this deposition, the Geragos Parties have now produced dozens of these purportedly deleted and nonexistent documents to Plaintiffs in a separate litigation,” Dr. Luke’s team wrote in court documents. “This establishes the Geragos Parties’ violations of the Court’s Orders, as well as Geragos’s perjury to conceal them.”

A spokesperson for Geragos told Page Six Dr. Luke’s accusations “are completely without merit,” adding that, “It appears that Luke is increasingly desperate after his last multi-million dollar litigation loss… Frankly, he’s a sad and desperate man who needs a new hobby.”

In other news, Kesha has a new album, High Road, slated for release in January 2020. I hope it’s more “Best Day” than “Raising Hell.”

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