Drake Accuses Megan Thee Stallion of Lying About Being Shot in New Lyrics

"Y'all gotta stop attaching weak ass conspiracy theories in bars to my name lol," Megan responded to the rapper's new album, Her Loss.

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Drake Accuses Megan Thee Stallion of Lying About Being Shot in New Lyrics
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Late last night, or early this morning, depending on your sleep schedule, Drake and 21 Savage released a 16-track album titled Her Loss. While I personally was asleep, Megan Thee Stallion was not and unfortunately heard Drake in the song “Circo Loco” join the infuriating and misogynistic chorus of people insinuating that she is lying about being shot in the foot by rapper Tory Lanez in July 2020. Understandably, Megan was not fucking happy about that.

“This bitch lie about getting shot but she still a stallion / She don’t even get the joke but she still smiling,” Drake raps in the ninth track on the album, seemingly siding with fellow Canadian rapper Lanez. Lanez, himself, has found much musical inspiration in continually calling Megan a liar and pushing his own innocence.

Megan took to Twitter to address the never-ending denial campaign and victim-blaming of this shooting incident.

Earlier this year, in the spring, Drake, along with Rihanna, Ciara, and Nicki Minaj, all unfollowed the “Hot Girl” rapper on social media. Fans speculated that that was them siding with Lanez in the upcoming trial against him for the shooting. About a month later, a medical report detailed that bullet fragments were found in Megan’s foot and she shared a graphic image of it to her Instagram.

Now, Drake didn’t just come for Megan’s integrity but also her intelligence. “Shorty say she graduated, she ain’t learn enough,” he raps later in the song. Last December, Megan earned a degree in Health Administration from Texas Southern University.

It’s unclear why Drake felt the need to dig into Megan like this, other than just blatant misogyny for a little bit of clout. Clearly one hungry for attention, his rollout for the album included him posting a lot of Hentai porn to his Instagram, as well as an interview with a deep-fake version of Howard Stern about his porn-viewing preferences. If I were Drake, I would be less concerned with these phony promotional theatrics and more with the growing grooming allegations against me. Just saying.

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