Dress Code: New Year's Sartorial Resolutions


It’s the time to clear our decks and our closets and, for some of us, resolve to no longer give our pants away to strangers.

Besides something sparkly or a 2011 diaper, I don’t have many specific instructions for what to wear on New Year’s Eve (although PJ’s have always worked for some of us) but when it comes to resolutions, I have plenty! These are mine.

I Will Not Give Clothes Away To Any Stranger Who Compliments Them

Because, damn it, I needed that sweater. And that woman just seemed really weirded out when I gave her my pants.

I Will Put My Nice Clothes In Proper Garment Bags
The linen kind. From the Container Store. Or somewhere cheaper. But the linen kind.

I Will Re-Sole My Shoes As Soon As They Look Down At The Heels
And not walk on them until they’re in such bad shape that I’m afraid of the cobbler’s scorn and he can’t really fix them anyway and it’s really expensive. And while we’re at it, how about “not beiing scared of the cobbler?” No, out of the question: he’s really scary.

I Will Get Alterations Professionally Done
Because it’s not a savings if it looks so crummy you never want to wear it again. This goes double for dyeing things in tea. Unless in 2011 I’ll magically love tea-dyed stains.

I Not Buy Random Vintage Coats At Thrift Stores
Enough is enough.

I Will No Longer Keep Things “Because My Future Daughter Might Want Them.”

I don’t have a daughter. And if I do, she won’t miss what she never knew.

Let’s hear yours.

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