Drew Barrymore Makes People Try Food They Hate

Drew Barrymore Makes People Try Food They Hate

Happy Drew Year!… Drew Barrymore didn’t say on her show this week. Though she did a segment with her Zoom-ed-in audience called “Drew & A,” and pointed out that those at the show love to pun her name (as she is wont to do after unveiling the latest pun), there were several missed opportunities for Drew puns beyond the customary top-of-the-year greeting. Drew also didn’t discuss any Drew Year’s reso-Drew-tions, nor did she take the opportunity to rebrand a dish she cooked as Drew-na noodle casserole. She’s slipping!

Upon completing the Drew-na noodle casserole, which Drew cooked in its most basic form (Campbell’s® Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup and all), Drew called her show’s food sylist and tuna noodle casserole denier Uli onto the stage to try it. Uli’s discomfited look upon tasting the dish was incredible and her, “It’s… not bad,” was withering beyond her clear intention. “It’s noodles and… creaminess and… nice glass of wine with it,” went the rest of Uli’s review. Even more brutal was the reaction of another guest named Zenobia, who Drew had on to try sushi on a “day of firsts”-themed episode. Zenobia went on The Drew Barrymore Show hating sushi and she went off The Drew Barrymore Show hating sushi. Seconds after a bite of nigiri, she spit it out into a pail. “No. No thanks,” said a meme-worthy Zenobia.

Also notable was guest Karamo Brown’s attempt to make “hook in” a thing. He and Drew decided the phrase, which they devised during his last appearance on the show, was a new mantra for the new year. “The act of hooking into something, you know that you’re grabbing it, you’re attaining it,” explained Karamo scintillatingly. Drew used a metaphor to explain why some metaphors don’t work for her but this one does: “Sometimes metaphors feel like floating balloons to me and hooking in feels the exact opposite.” On “their” concept, Karamo said, “This is the 2021 theme! This is what it is! Everyone listen! Hook in! Because you deserve life, you deserve all these things and this is Step 1.” Indeed, they have certainly hooked into Sheryl Sandberg’s years-old idea! 2021 is off to a great start.

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