Duggars Share Photos Of Miscarried Baby At Memorial


Few among us have never made a judgey comment about the Duggars, however everyone’s trying to be sensitive in light of the sad news that Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage. But now there’s this bit of holy shit: TMZ is running dead fetus photos that the Duggars distributed at Jubilee Shalom Duggar’s memorial service today.

Honestly we can’t pinpoint what it is about this that made us stare at our computer screens, mouths agape, for a good two minutes. It isn’t uncommon for parents mourning after a miscarriage to photograph their child, so maybe it’s the inspirational captions? Is it the idea of a family member sharing the shots on Twitter? Or perhaps it’s the fact that TMZ tracked down the pics (which only show hands and feet) and posted pixelated images on the same page as a story about Girls Gone Wild and a poll on which Marilyn Monroe impersonator you’d rather screw, Lindsay Lohan or Michelle Williams. Maybe it’s a mix of all of the above. Click through at your own risk.

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