Elderly Woman Leads Cops On A Very Slow Car Chase


Earlier this week, a 76-year-old British woman led police on the opposite of wild car chase. In a scene that must have looked like it was playing out in slow motion, Caroline Turner, steered herself into trouble when she began driving down the wrong side of the road-into oncoming traffic! Danger! Police followed her, flashing their lights and everything, but Turner didn’t seem to notice. She continued driving at between 10 and 20 miles per hour for 27 miles! Can you even imagine? Hilariously, one of the policemen eventually decided to run up alongside her car to talk to her. He knocked on the window and instructed her to pull over. At first, she refused, saying, “There’s nothing to discuss. I’m going home.” But the tough old gal was eventually persuaded to stop driving.

It might have looked funny, but the consequences were serious. She spent the night in jail because police were afraid of the damage she might cause if she was allowed to drive home. In the end, she was also fined and had her license revoked for one year. Ms. Turner, who is an artist and grandmother of six, was widowed just five weeks ago; so she certainly has an excuse for being a bit off her game. Poor woman! She admits she drove the wrong way, “[M]y driving was not up to its usual high standards.” However, she’s not letting this get her down, “I am planning for my re-test already. But for the next year I am going to be catching buses.” Let’s hope that next time she hits the road in her jazzy Ford Fiesta, she’ll be a bit more careful.

Farce Of 76-Year-Old Who Led Police On 27-mile Car Chase At 10mph [Daily Mail]

Image via Debbie Oetgen/Shutterstock.

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