Elon Musk Biography Rife With Egregious Behavior, Billionaire Fallouts, Sexual Fantasies

We pulled 13 big revelations as reported by Walter Isaacson in "Elon Musk."


Musk’s “dumbest mistake” is...

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Musk’s “dumbest mistake” is...
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This man should have many regrets, like buying Twitter and eradicating two-thirds of its value, or being so transphobic and terrible that his kid cut him off. But apparently, a really big regret of his is this, which is interesting: that he tweeted a baseless conspiracy theory last fall that Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, had been attacked by a male prostitute he’d hired, commenting, “There is a tiny possibility there might be more to this story than meets the eye.” He went on to delete the tweet, but according to Isaacson, “said privately that it was one of his dumbest mistakes.” Ya don’t say!

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