Emily Blunt Is Not One Of Those Hollywood Types


“The business is all about gush and hype. You never have a bad meeting in L.A. They always say, ‘You’re amazing, you’re so funny.'” So says Emily Blunt in January’s issue of Harper’s Bazzar UK. An actual cynic in Hollywood!

She continues: “You always walk out going, ‘I nailed that part,’ but they’re probably saying behind your back, ‘She’s definitely not right…'”

Maybe it’s because she grew up wanting to work for the United Nations. Maybe it’s because she’s actually smart. But Blunt comes off as an actual regular human being instead of some fame-hungry haughty celebrity. “After this interview, I’m going to immigration to try to sort out my Green Card, just like any other normal person… Then I’m being a wife; flying to Alaska to see John on set.” Okay, yes, she is married to John Krasinski. Not normal. But she doesn’t buy into any L.A.-new-agey crap: “I do not meditate or anything like that,” she swears. “The most tense and fucked up people in the world are people that meditate.” You won’t find her partying with the likes of Paris Hilton or other starlets, either: “In my downtime, I cook a mean roast chicken, and if I need to let off steam, I go dancing,” she claims. But not anyplace trendy! “We find [under-the-radar] dens in L.A. People won’t hang out where we hang out.”

But perhaps best of all, there’s the fact that if you see her at a premiere, she probably has booze on her breath:

“I used to look like a deer in headlights on the red carpet… You step out of the car and it’s bedlam. Everyone’s got crazy eyes.
Now, I have a martini before I leave — just to take the edge off it.”

Emily Blunt In Harper’s Bazaar UK: I’m Not Part Of Hollywood’s Elite [NYDN]
Emily Blunt for Harper’s Bazaar UK January 2011, Emily Blunt by Paola Kudacki for Harper’s Bazaar [Design Scene]

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