End of an Era: Olivia Jade Is Returning to YouTube

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End of an Era: Olivia Jade Is Returning to YouTube

2021 may be the year we’re allowed to hug family members and go on vacation again, but sadly, it will also be the year that Olivia Jade returns to YouTube, more powerful than ever.

With her mother, Aunt Becky, freshly released from her teeny tiny stint in prison, OJ wasted no time launching her redemption tour, first to unimpressive effect at the Red Table, to be followed shortly by a return to her favorite platform. From Page Six:

Olivia Jade, 21, was beseeched by a fan on TikTok, “Please post again on YouTube I love watching your videos!!!” to which she responded, “Ok I will. I guess I will come back to YouTube,” in a separate TikTok, adding, “What! Ahh!”

I have enjoyed the schadenfreude of the college admissions scandal saga as much as the next embittered blogger, and I am sorry that it has come to an end. By this time next year, Olivia Jade’s viewership will not only have tripled, but she’ll have launched her own shapewear line (“CA Scandal”) and be hosting a dating show in which people are matched up by their dogs (Boned with Olivia Jade). Mark my words. [Page Six]

As 2020 winds to its anticlimactic end, I have found myself this week even weepier than usual. Perhaps it’s because an entire strange, horrible year has slipped by since the term “coronavirus” first entered our consciousness; perhaps I have re-entered puberty by virtue of being unable to stop watching Dawson’s Creek. Who knows.

Yesterday I cried because I saw some photos of two lonely penguins holding each other in their wings. Today I cried because I saw a brief video of Anthony Hopkins sharing that he’d been sober for 45 years, and encouraging those who are struggling to not give up.

Then I had to briefly stop crying while I checked to make sure Hopkins doesn’t have any disturbing allegations of sex abuse history before I posted this video. Having confirmed that he does not, I have since resumed. Join me! [Huffington Post]

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