Epic Swingers Party Forced to Shutter Its Doors Because 'Decency'


There’s a very special mansion in North Arlington, Texas where swingers have allegedly been getting down for a while now —- USA Today notes that about 60 parties have taken place in the mansion dubbed Eutopia. But on Wednesday, the city ordered Eutopia’s host, David Esopenko, to shutter its swingin’ doors.

A little history about the party from the Arlington Voice:

Esopenko has been hosting weekly swinger’s parties at the North Arlington location since May of last year. The private parties, which require guests be on a list to attend, usually happen on Saturdays from 8:30 p.m. to 3 a.m.
A social media website for swingers suggests guests make a $40 to $80 donation. It’s not required, according to Esopenko, and nobody is barred from attending for not donating. The money is used to purchase food, drinks and supplies that are made available to guests every week.

See? It’s not a business! “We have no employees. We charge no entrance fee,” Esopenko told the Arlington Voice. The Eutopia operator says he plans to fight the cease-and-desist letter.

The City’s letter lists approximately 20 reasons it believes Eutopia DFW qualifies as a business. Among those reasons is that Eutopia’s parties attract as many as 200 people.
Esopenko said his New Year’s Eve party had about 200 people, but most weeks there are far fewer in attendance. He said only about 12 people attended his most recent party.

Aww. Esopenko gotta fight for the right to sex party!

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