Etsy, Your Go-To Source For Casey Anthony Crafts


A tipster called our attention to Etsy, where people are letting off some steam about the Casey Anthony trial in the form of crafting. There are certainly worse ways to react in a situation like this, but does the world really need a series of Casey Anthony bumper stickers, t-shirts, and necklaces? The following Etsy users think so!

This diorama is being sold for a mere $450, from seller gooddeals99.

Portrais, $30 reach, from Etsy seller JokefrogProductions.

Laptop Decal, $2.99, from seller BackfinGraphics.

Necklace, $8.99, from seller tarponjuli.

Bumper Sticker, $1.99, from seller BackfinGraphics.

Portrait of Judge Belvin Perry Jr, $75.00, from seller DawnS.

Pendant, $35, from seller Rayvenwoodmanor.

T-shirt, $14.99. from seller ChronicDesigns.

Buttons, $1, from seller TheButtonDudes.

Sticker, $1.99, from seller BackfinGraphics.

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