Evan Rachel Wood Says She ‘Felt Like Meat’ During 2003 VF Photo Shoot

For some of us, Vanity Fair‘s 2003 “It’s Raining Teens” issue, featuring a number of future Hollywood stars, counts as a life event: maybe you were curled up in bed, eagerly flipping through the slippery pages. Maybe that mag felt like all you needed to keep living. Or maybe you were participant Evan Rachel Wood, being forced into heels and made to feel “like meat.”

As Policy Mic points out, after a fan linked to a photo of it, writing “NEVER FORGET,” Wood commented about the photos on Twitter Wednesday and Thursday.

Wood went on to say that she’s since had photos taken of her for Vanity Fair and enjoyed it – the now infamous “Young Hollywood” shoot that got a ton of attention for being completely devoid of anyone who wasn’t white.

NEVER FORGET: Despite all appearances to the contrary, Hollywood can be a shitty place.

Images via Vanity Fair

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