Everything I Hate About Representations Of Women In Comics In One Easy Image


David Pepose wanted to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the character She-Hulk, but notes that her possible death in the new issue isn’t an auspicious sign.

Pepose is concerned about the future of the character, but looking at the image, all I can see are two distinct visual roles for women in comics: one is a sexy red girl, the other is a sexy dead girl. That’s why the Hulk looks huge, muscular and mean, while She-Hulk looks like a centerfold. And I still can’t figure out why most other superheroes get to have a death scenes that showcase their dignity and the somberness of their death but the most prominent feature in the panel above are the women’s chests.

Makes me want to holler and throw up both my hands.

Or go bury myself in manga.

She-Hulk turns 30! [Newsarama]

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