Everything I Wanted to Wear While Watching Wet Hot American Summer


Over the weekend, I watched all eight episodes of Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Here are my two main takeaways from the series: 1.) Good job, everyone! This was a very funny sequel! 2.) Good job, everyone! You all dress very cool!

Yes, a lot of the clothes were sartorial punchlines meant to highlight the delightful ridiculousness of the characters and exaggerated 1980s summer camp setting. Regardless, I would wear all of those looks today in 2015. I would happily be a walking joke if it meant that I could look this rad:

People who reject the idea of denim on denim are idiots. Look how great Andy (Paul Rudd) looks. Think of how great I will look wearing this all fall.

Jayma Mays’ office attire is aspirational.

As is her hair.


Electro City is the fashion capital of the world.

To be very clear, I am not joking. I would wear all of this, including Molly Shannon’s wedding dress.

Fashion MVP: Michaela Watkins as Rhonda.

Her whole vibe really put into focus my own style goal, which is to always look like a harried, unstable choreographer who’s late for rehearsal because some guy jumped in front of the F train.

Here are some other important fashion lessons from Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

NEVER say no to a wig!

Experiment with layering.

It’s impossible to overdress.

While it’s good to experiment and test yourself, it’s also important—in fashion and in life—that you pay attention to your own comfort level and—like Coop (Michael Showalter)—be true to yourself.

Lastly, zoot suits are the gateway to love.

Alright, campers. Let’s raise a cup of heavily spiked Bug Juice to the series’ costume designer Leslie Schilling and then go shopping for tube socks, fringed leather jackets, and bandanas. Not sure what store you’re going to try first, but I’m headed directly for your mom’s dresser.

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Images via Netflix/Wet Hot American Summer.

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