Exclusive Video of Jezebel's Summer Vacation 


In a beautiful parable about summer expectations vs. summer reality, a group of women stranded in a weed-choked patch of lake on a giant rainbow unicorn float had to be rescued by the local sheriff, via lasso.

KMSP reported on this extremely blunt revelation of the truth behind all those beautifully produced images of happy, laughing babes in swimsuits toasting each other with mimosas, lounging in giant inflatable rafts floating on crystal-clear waters:

The two Chisago County deputies were driving by Fish Lake near Stark when they observed a group of five women floating in a large, inflatable rainbow unicorn.
The duo pulled their squad car over and asked the women for a picture. However, the deputies noticed a woman was stuck in the lake’s thick weeds.
One deputy filmed while the other grabbed a rope to throw to the stranded women.

Instagram is lies, people!

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