Fake Chef Tricks Local News Teams Into Eating Disgusting Food


Over the holidays, a pair of rapscalliony internet jokesters tricked a handful of local TV morning shows into booking a fake chef who made disgusting gastronomical concoctions. Hilarity ensued.

Chef Keith isn’t really a chef. He’s not really named Keith, either (perhaps the most terrible betrayal of all); he’s a comedian and weird old footage connoisseur named Nick Prueher who booked spots on Wisconsin local news programs and proceeded to make disgusting gravy smoothies out of day-old KFC. He and his collaborator (and fellow Found Footage Fest denizen) Joe Pickett invented Chef Keith and Chef Keith’s gross fictional book “Leftovers Right” over the holidays last year.

While I can’t say I’ll be enjoying a Chef Keith creation anytime soon, I do have Prueher and Pickett to thank for helping me realize, through this supercut, that Jamba Juice is just ice cold fruit gravy.

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