Fake Hills Finale Ends With Actual Reality


Four years of fake jobs, fake living arrangements, and convenient casting have kept viewers wondering whether this “reality” was scripted. Last night’s series finale winked at that when cameras revealed Kristin and Brody’s “goodbye” was filmed on a Hollywood lot.

The premise of the episode was that Kristin was leaving town to “find herself.” Her hired friend Stacie helped bring her bags to the Town Car waiting outside, as Kristin strapped on her stilettos that she paired with a pair of Daisy Dukes to wear on an international flight. She sadly looked around her place, and then saw Brody outside. They said a tearful goodbye as she hopped into the back of the car. Then the camera panned out, and revealed that they were standing in front of a painted set on a studio lot. Kristin hopped out of the car and ran over to hug Brody. Roll credits.

The duo explained this choice of “reality” on The Aftershow.

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