Famed Butt-Selfie-Taker Jen Selter Is in Vanity Fair Now


If you’re wondering what the American dream looks like in the age of social media, look no further than this Vanity Fair spread featuring Jen Selter, a woman who has made a viable career out of taking Instagrams of her butt.

Her current accomplishments include amassing over 2 .6 million Instagram followers, signing to the Legacy Agency and making appearances on several on several morning talk shows. Her current failures include popularizing the portmanteau “belfie,” which is the most horrific sound in the English language. It makes “moist queef” sound like “cellar door.”

According to Vanity Fair, she likes to see herself as inspirational:

When fans recognize her #seltering—posing for her iPhone with a leg raised and buttocks in full focus—on park benches and subway stairways, they tell her she’s inspired them to go to the gym that day. And for that, it’s all worth it. Along with the knowledge that she has sent one more young woman to the treadmill, she’s also raking in sponsorships, free gear, and, most importantly, followers by the thousands.

Sure, okay!

Vanity Fair notes that she dismisses feminist critics, along with cat-callers and X-rated commenters, as #haters — so if you have any misgivings about objectification and/or the perpetuation of unrealistic body standards, the Belfie Queen will not have an audience with you. (You’ll probably just have to take it up with Kim Kardashian, the reigning archduchess of Belfie-Land.)

Image via Instagram.

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