Family Feud Contestant Blurts Out Painfully Inappropriate Answer


Spoiler alert: It has to do with Richard Gere’s (alleged) love of small animals.

Most of the time I can’t watch Family Feud because I have a hard time believing that Steve Harvey is ever really so outraged or upset by the answers the contestants give. For once, though, I’m with him on something: I would certainly react if the first answer for “name something a doctor would pull out of a person” was “gerbil.”

Sorry, friend: You said it out loud and now it’s on the internet forever. Currently, as I am watching this video for the tenth time, I can’t decide what’s better: Harvey’s outrage or the fact that the poor contestant is so incredibly upset about her Freudian slip. You really can tell she didn’t mean to say what she said and that she hopes it was just in her head.

Unfortunately, it was not. Gerbils, everybody.

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