Farewell Tinsley, We Hardly Cared About Ye

Farewell Tinsley, We Hardly Cared About Ye

According to Page Six, Tinsley Mortimer, the divorced star of The Real Housewives of New York, is leaving the show to… become a real housewife of Chicago? In an Instagram post on Thursday night, Mortimer explained to her fans that she would be leaving the show and heading to Chicago to live out her “fairy tale ending,” which involves getting married to Scott Kluth, the coupon king.

Mortimer, now a future coupon queen, got engaged to Kluth in November 2019 after a very boring on-again off-again plotline that dragged on for what seemed like an eternity.

Joining the RHONY cast in 2017, Mortimer never really had a solid storyline. Her introduction to the series was framed as the great return of a disgraced socialite who had fled to Florida and was edgy because she was young and had a mugshot. But youth is fleeting, and once Mortimer moved into the hotel and stopped living with Sonja Morgan, there was nothing interesting happening for her aside from infrequent visits from her mother Dale. (Dale is staying, right!?)

The most interesting thing Mortimer has done is bring on this season’s latest addition, Leah McSweeney, who hasn’t found her storyline yet but is doing a great job of antagonizing the RHONY veterans. Mortimer’s absence in future seasons does cast a shadow over McSweeney’s longevity on the show, as I cannot imagine RHONY gatekeepers Ramona and Sonja actually wanting to spend time with a woman that has more than one tattoo.

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