Fashion At Cirque Du Soleil Not Quite Circus-y Enough


Celebrities and their families came out for the premiere of Cirque du Soleil’s “IRIS: A Journey Into the World of Cinema.” The looks really ran the gamut, and a pair of pants got me pretty emotional.

AnnaLynne McCord is wearing what looks to be a beige, high-waisted, bodycon maxi skirt with a thigh-high side slit, and a burgundy lace bra underneath a scarf that looks like exactly like a scarf I once savagely bargained for in a flea market in St. Petersburg, Russia. The most troubling part of her ensemble might be the make up—how did she get her face and lips to look beige, too?? Love the orange and gold bracelet, but everything else is drab.

Kate Beckinsale is one of those celebrities who somehow never manages to stir any emotion. Maybe that’s an odd thing to say but there’s something disturbingly polished and done about her. Take this outfit, for example. Her hair is shiny and her makeup is pretty. Her jacket is well tailored and has some style interest with the curved hem, and I know that rationally, she looks pretty good here for a casual red carpet look, but emotionally, I feel nothing? Christina Milian went super casual and for the most part, it’s cute, but wide-cuffed jeans with studded peeptoe heels make me wince. 14-year-old Chloe Moretz shows how casual is done in a leather jacket and shoes that are—let’s face it—cool as shit. I’m over the moon for her pants, which I thought, at first, were leopard print pants, but upon closer inspection, are actually black and yellow floral pants. Emotionally, I feel everything.

Vanessa Hudgens looks nice here, though the print is a bit lazy and uninspired. She’s doing the young Hollywood starlet thing of wearing big ass armor-y rings on every finger, and donning a loose, flowy dress, but it works for her.

Camila Alves is so pretty, isn’t she? I know that the four seasons don’t apply to Hollywood like it does to the rest of the country, but I always appreciate it when a celebrity makes even a small gesture toward seasonal dressing. Her sparkly dress has Autumnal, cozy vibes, and her pared down make up was a smart contrast to the shininess of her dress, but the platform stripper heels make the outfit look more campy than glassy. Not that there’s anything wrong with campy, but I don’t think that’s what Camila was going for. Matthew McConaughey looks like Matthew McConaughey, which is to say pretty intense and like a joke with no punchline. Is he wearing a linen vest with Timberland boots?

Okay, I think Christina Hendricks is wearing cheetah print and Kristin Bauer is wearing leopard print? Or is it the other way around? Or are they both wearing leopard print dresses? Christina Hendricks looks slammin’. She’s a little wrinkly, but overall, this is a sassy look for her. Maybe this isn’t the most fashion forward outfit for Kristin Bauer but I think she looks pretty fine in her dress as well. The shoes are the only dowdy part of her outfit. I get that sometimes a gal needs a break from five inch platforms, but there’s got to be more stylish low-heeled shoes than the ones she’s wearing. Priscilla Presley is kinda working that shit. I love long-sleeved dresses on the red carpet, and red looks good on Priscilla. I even endorse her neutral tone shoes. Sometimes a gal needs a neutral shoe. SOMETIMES.

Another example of neutral shoes going well with an outfit! I eat my words and the vein in my neck relaxes a little. Anne Heche looks really put together here. I don’t love that the print on her dress doesn’t wrap all the way around, but the necklaces were well chosen, and she’s glowing in these photos, so who am I to be—in the words of Big Boi—a shine blocka?

Is Mario Lopez wearing a microfiber blazer? I kind of… like it? Jesse Williams is rocking the monochromatic grey look, and his glasses are way hunky. Neil Patrick Harris and David look so stylish, especially David Burtka in his purple polka-dotted bowtie. The horizontal ruching on Neil Patrick Harris’s shirt gives his otherwise sharp outfit a touch of the uglies.

It’s time to harshly judge entire families and make assumptions about them based on their sartorial choices! Just kidding. Cindy Crawford’s family is predictably gorgeous and look just cool enough for school. How cute are Anne Heche’s partner, James Tupper, and her son in matching sports jackets?

Kim Raver’s daughter is dismayed by a sea of boring pumps and peeptoes. Best shoes of the night go to the saddles shoes on Kate Beckinsale’s daughter. Constance Zimmer’s husband and daughter are more fashion forward than she is in red desert boots and a leopard (cheetah?) cape, respectively. High five, stylish families!

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