Fashion Week Freakiness: Hookers, Kanye & Coke

  • Recession? What recession? “In 2011 I’ll be doing more clothing,” quoth “designer” Lindsay Lohan, who, in addition to leggings, is working on “self-tanner and cosmetics with her fashion and beauty company Stay Gold.” [WWD]
  • In case you were wondering, here’s what Salma Hayek wore on her honeymoon: “a ruby-colored ensemble” from Vesperini. [WWD]
  • “Which kooky fashion figure asked for illegal substances on her contract rider? She said in order for her to appear at a fashion show, she needs two bottles of Cristal and “cocaine – a lot of it.” Um, you tell us! [New York Post]
  • Speaking of…we don’t even know, Ashley Dupre for some reason continues to be a fixture at Fashion Week. Says Veronica Webb, “”Who’s that? Spitzer’s call girl? Oh. Well, no matter what you do for a living, you still need clothes.” [New York]
  • And killing the last of our interest, apparently Bryant Park is rife with celeb spawn. [WWD]
  • Eva Longoria Parker claims to be just another penny-pincher: “I’ve always been pretty frugal about everything I wear on the red carpet. I return it all the next day.” [WWD]
  • Nicky Hilton is equally somber: “I’m being smarter about my spending. I’m not going into stores and buying anything. I am buying more pieces instead of just a bunch of clothes.” [WWD]
  • As we feared, Eleven Minutes, the Jay McCarroll-Fashion Week documentary, apparently blows. [Yahoo]
  • Speaking of the Prodge, Tim Gunn‘s being all elliptical about their traditional end-of-week final showing. Quoth the Silver Fox, “You’ll see collections from extremely talented people, but you won’t be able to place the designer with the collection.” [MSNBC]
  • Oy. Puma’s down almost 80%. [WWD]
  • Laura Ashley, meanwhile, blames stores’ price-slashing for its profit warning woes, rather than the proliferation of floral chintz in said stores. [Times Online]
  • Halston, for its part, gets with the times: slashing prices and embracing new technology. Doesn’t it seem like now’s the time for a disco revival? [WSJ]
  • But Benetton’s up! [WWD]
  • And more good news: Armani donates a million dollars to New York City public school arts education. [New York Times]
  • Which will not affect PETA’s plans to protest at the New York Armani store this week, dressed in giant bunny suits. [WWD]
  • Continuing to keep them guessing, Dame Vivienne Westwood is teaming up with Royal Ascot; she’s styling the PR shoots for the venerable races. [WWD]
  • Not shockingly, buyers and investors are trying to score fashion lines at rock-bottom prices. [Portfolio]
  • Thakoon Panichgul is a big fan of Michelle Obama’s stylist, Ikram Goldman: “You know what, she has guts, and she has instinct about what she likes, and she’s passionate about it. And so when I first launched the collection, she said, ‘I’ll buy every single piece.’ And so that kind of conviction, I think, is exciting.” Exciting for him, definitely! [New York]
  • Designer and socialite Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss is the new face of Judith Ripka jewelry. [WWD]
  • Why does Kanye West love the Paris Women’s shows? “It’s Paris. Women’s. Shows.” [PaperMag]
  • Kirsten Dunst – who so would – loves Rodarte. So do we, but no one cares. [WWD]
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