Fashion Would You Rather: Shameful Pseudo-Intellectual T-Shirt Edition


Welcome to Fashion Would You Rather, a feature in which I find very ugly clothes and force you to choose which you would rather don in public.

This week, we are moving out of the realm of high fashion into the cheap and quick world of fast fashion. Specifically, we’ll be looking at t-shirts from Forever 21 and American Apparel — two large retailers that dabble in appealing to “edgy” teens with inexpensive wares. Our contenders: a little napkin with arm holes in it that bestows upon its wearer an unparalleled love of fashion and a stupid fucking t-shirt about blogs.

Here’s a closer look at our illustrious contenders:

This one, from American Apparel, is bad because it implies that you think you’re really smart and have a very discerning sense of how the media world works and also that you believe yourself to be “above it all.” This is an opinion you’re really welcome to have (and blogs really do post the same stuff a lot — so good point, brave t-shirt-donner), but you look like a huge moron if you proclaim it to the world via a basic garment you bought from a chain retailer filled with a bunch of entry-level alt teens all wearing the same denim scrunchie.

This one, from Forever 21, is bad because it’s a glorified sports bra with a typewritten message on it that declares its wearer is the #1 Fashionista in her large circle of acquaintances. The wearer is obviously not the #1 Fashionista in her large circle of acquaintances because she’s wearing a garment-brag, and bragging is tacky.


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