Fashion Writer Compares Melissa McCarthy to an Elephant


Oh dear. Oh dear. Look how the Boston Globe is describing Melissa McCarthy’s Academy Awards dress in this roundup of the night’s best and worst gowns:

The “Identity Theft” funny lady was drowning in drab elephant gray fabric in what we’re told was a custom gown.
Maybe it was custom, just not for her.

Oh, right, because “elephant gray” is a color that makes it totally okay. Yup. Definitely not a word choice intended to insult McCarthy’s weight. No, not at all.

It’s really weird that this Boston Globe piece doesn’t have a byline on it! If it were me, I’d definitely want my name attached to such incisive, hard-hitting fashion criticism. Way to put Melissa McCarthy in her place, anonymous newspaper writer (who’s too scared to even put a name to this drivel).

Academy Awards Fashion: Hits and Misses []

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