Father Stabs His Trans Child to Death, Tells Police It Was a Cult


An Ohio man’s been arrested for the death of his 22-year-old child, Bri Golec, whom he murdered for being transgender. Kevin Golec, who continues identifying Bri as “his son” told police that Bri had been murdered by a cult. The cult he may have been referring to was the trans community, of which Bri had, at least at one time, been a member.

Raw Story reports that Kevin Golec of Akron called police on Friday night and told them that he and Bri had been attacked by intruders who were members of the cult (the trans support group Brian attended) Golec had left. Police have confirmed that there were no intruders and that Kevin Golec had stabbed Bri during an argument. Police have confirmed that Kevin Golec had lied to them when he called, claiming not only that intruders had murdered Bri but that he had called the police four times to no avail.

From Raw Story:

According to Cleveland.com, Akron police said Kevin Golec lied to 911 dispatchers when he called officers to his home at around 10 p.m. on Friday.
“Oh my God, are you guys for real man?” Kevin Golec asks the dispatcher a 911 recording. “This is like the fourth f*cking time I’ve tried to call 9-1-1.”
The father went on to explain that his “son is dying” on his front porch.
“They attacked us, they came into our house,” he says. “I don’t know who did. A bunch of them came in, and attack us in our house f*cking — just bring and ambulance! Because I think he’s dead!”
“He’s in to a cult and all this sh*t,” the father continues. “These guys came in. I fought them off. They got him. They got me.”

Kevin Golec has been charged with murder and felony domestic violence. Bri Golec, a person with great potential, according to friends, joins the long list of LGBT+ individuals who have suffered violence at the hands of (or due to) others who did not understand, accept or tolerate their identity. An even more upsetting and anger-provoking fact is that Bri Golec is joining the long list of LGBT+-identifying individuals who have been murdered in just 2015.

Raw Story has a statement from The Human Rights Campaign:

“Regardless of whether Golec was transgender, genderqueer, or otherwise gender nonconforming, (Golec joins) a staggeringly long list of LGBTQ individuals who have been murdered in 2015, including transgender women Lamia Beard, Ty Underwood, Yazmin Vash Payne, Taja Gabrielle DeJesus and Penny Proud.”

Kevin Golec’s 911 call is available here. Raw Story reports that it isn’t safe for work.

Bri Golec’s obituary refers to Bri only as male. Some friends claim that Bri had given up their trans identity.

“Did Brian at one time identify as Bri? Yes. However, within the last year or so, he identified as Brian, and if I had to put a label on him (something he would hate, by the way), he would identify as an androgynous pansexual man,” Geoff Ackerman, who was in a band with Golec, told Raw Story in an email.

Image via Newcomer Funeral Services

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