Feast Your Eyes Upon the Revolting Cuisine of the 1970s Via This Twitter Account 

In Depth

The 1970s were possibly the absolute nadir of American eating habits. That’s common knowledge, but it’s still wild to scroll through photo after photo of revolting evidence. And now you can do just that, thanks to the Twitter account 70s Dinner Party!

The account’s been written up on HuffPo Australia and recently got an RT from New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells. It is hilarious and disgusting. If Tumblr is your preferred delivery method, they’ve got one of those, too. Tune in for “crusty salmon shortcakes” and, oh Christ, “frozen cheese salad.”

They’ve got Christmas inspiration, should you find yourself in need.

I think this qualifies, medically and scientifically, as an emetic.

Just imagine the pure tactile pleasure of patting a “cheese-chicken mixture” into a log.

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