Female Candidate's Personal Life Special-er Than Male Candidates' Lives


Dallas city council member and potential mayoral candidate Angela Hunt might not be able to run a very “aggressive” campaign, says the local Morning News, because of her “new family.” As in, “baby.” You know how women are about babies.

Hunt is the only female candidate in the race—which not only makes her special, but also held to different standards than her male counterparts. At least reporter Gromer Jeffers Jr. seems to think so—he didn’t mention anything about the male candidates’ personal lives in his article.

Andrea Grimes of the Dallas Observer emailed Jeffers to ask, “Was wondering what aspects of male candidates’ personal lives you felt would keep them from running quality campaigns?” Grimes hasn’t heard back from him yet. Could it be because he can’t provide any logical answer to Grimes’s question? This is one possibility.

In Dallas Mayoral Race, Is Angela Hunt’s the Only Personal Life That Matters? [Dallas Observer]

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