'Feminist or Misogynist' Proves That Everything Is Really Confusing


“Feminist vs. Misogynist” is a fun party game to play at your next womyn power sleepover (other suggested activities: decorating your seasonal tampon tree; hitting up your best friend, the ghost of Susan B. Anthony, via ouija board; dismantling the foundations of patriarchy and ushering in a new era of joy and egalitarianism).

As evidenced in this video, which was taken outside of the Book of Jezebel launch party in LA, Feminist vs. Misogynist creates a lot of seemingly contradictory answers. It’s like your basic day in the feminist blogosphere! But with more wine, so way better! In this clip, Afternoon Delight director Jill Soloway of wifey.tv asks several real women whether several things are feminist or misogynist. Topics of inquiry include: twerking, anti-rape underwear, cautioning college-aged women not to drink, etc. And, it turns out, no one knows for sure. What a confusing time we live in.

In closing, sometimes the boundary between feminist and misogynist can seem like more of a…blurred line. (Had to.)

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