Fiancé Drops Engagement Ring Off Bridge

A man’s proposal on the Brooklyn Bridge went horribly wrong, but not because his girlfriend said no. He accidentally dropped the ring, which fell through a crack on the pedestrian bridge and into traffic below.

Don Walling planned to ask Gina Pellicani to marry him as his family looked on and her sister videotaped it. “I got on one knee, proposed and it just flew out,” Walling said. “I watched it fall through the crack on the bridge, right between the wood planks.” Walling kissed Pellicani and told her he was going to get the ring back. He ran into the road below and with his family shouting directions from above, managed to find the ring. The band was bent but the ring can be repaired. “He’ll never disappoint our daughter, that’s for sure,” said Mary Pellicani, mother of the bride. “He’ll obviously jump off bridges for her.” [MSNBC, KSHB-TV]

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