Firefighters Taking Heat For Inappropriate On Camera Hose Usage


Firefighters in Los Angeles are being investigated for acting like how Samantha from Sex & The City thought they should act- by filming pornographic films while on duty.

The rescue workers aren’t exactly getting hosed here; by all reports, it was pretty obvious that the pornographic films, featured on a very popular NSFW website, took place inside a Los Angeles fire house and feature Los Angeles Fire Department trucks prominently.

In one of the movies, shot at Venice Beach, LAFD Engine 263 is used as the backdrop by an actress performing lewd acts.
“Look at this fire truck,” says porn actress Charley Chase, as she climbs on the engine and repeatedly exposes herself. “Isn’t that nice?”
It appears that a group of firefighters are watching the movie being shot.
“I know them,” one man says on camera in the reality-style porn flick. “I’m a firefighter.”

It gets worse. Not only is obviously a LA firehouse, the firetruck used during the filming is illegally parked across two disabled parking spots and the truck is not within sight of the firefighters assigned to it. The entire video is policy violation central, and officials are all hot and bothered over the veritable orgy of rulebreaking captured on film.

For several minutes of the movie, the actress appears to have free access to the engine, and asks numerous passersby to fondle her.
“Look, I think we have more friends,” she says, as a group of men stop to fondle the actress.
“Zero tolerance for that,” said Capt. Tina Haro, an LAFD spokeswoman.

This isn’t the first department in the City of Angels to be investigated for filming porn, nor is it the first investigation of its kind this year. In April, two traffic cops from the Department of Transportation did some penis acting of their own while in uniform and on duty.

LA Firefighters in Hot Water Over Fire Trucks in Porn Movies [MSNBC]

Image via wellphoto/Shutterstock

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