Five Songs I Sing to My Cat


Welcome to The List, a new semi-regular feature in which Julie Klausner enumerates pretty much whatever.

As you may or may not know, I got a Tuxedo cat named Jimmy Jazz around March of this year, after my beloved Smiley Muffin passed away. It took me a bit of time to truly love Jimmy, but now I absolutely do. He is dopey, and a weirdo, and the other day he stole a piece of bacon off the counter when nobody was looking. He is so different from Smiley, and yet he is truly terrific.

Anyway, I sing to him a lot. Sometimes I make up songs and other time I just torture him with Les Miz. Here are five examples of things I have sung to young Jimmy Jazz whilst futzing around in my apartment.

1. Hooray for Jimmy Jazz (to the tune of “Hooray for Hollywood”)

2. Jimmy Jazz, that’s what I know you as (to the tune of “Jimmy Mack” by Martha and the Vandellas)

3. On my own (original cast recording of Les Miz)

4. Too big for the bed (original composition)

5. The dating game theme song with “meows” for lyrics.

Julie Klausner is the host of the podcast How Was Your Week and the author of I Don’t Care About Your Band. She lives in New York City with a tuxedo cat.

Jimmy Jazz images via Julie Klausner’s Instagram.

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