For the Right Price, the Super Troopers Will Be Your Bridesmaids 

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Comedy troupe Broken Lizard is looking to bankroll a sequel to their beloved 2001 cult movie “Super Troopers” via funding site Indiegogo. This is special, guys.

As is customary with crowdfunded ventures, there are different levels of giving, beginning at ten dollars and going all the way up to $35,000, each of which afford the bidder certain “perks,” in the parlance of the site.

The $25,000 perk is a package called THE BEST MEN and it’s, well, the best.

Get all of the $200 perks, PLUS: Want all of us as GROOMSMEN (OR BRIDESMAIDS) at your wedding? We’ll stand next to you and make you look good, pose for photos, and even bring a nice gift. It’s your day, so we’ll even wear something nice for you. If you want us to wear something else, we’ll consider it, but no taffeta.) We’ll even throw in a pair of VIP PREMIERE TICKETS for you and your fiancé. * Additional charge if you live outside the USA or somewhere remote. * More details in the FAQ.

Meow, look here: The $35,000 perk has already been claimed so it’s not all that far-fetched to expect someone to bid at THE BEST MEN level. I actually spent part of yesterday considering creating a Kickstarter to ask Jezebel readers to fund me so I could fund Broken Lizard. When I got to the part in my plan that would require me to have another wedding, I changed tacks and asked one of my engaged colleagues if she would take one for the team. I’m ALL IN on this, that’s what I’m trying to say to you. (Except not so ALL IN that I’d have another wedding because woof.)

So please, someone go donate at the $25,000 level and claim this incredible prize—I’m already all antsy in the pantsy.

Image via Indiegogo.

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