Ford v Ferrari Is the Longest Car Commercial Ever Nominated for Best Picture


Do you hear the rumbling underfoot? That’s the sound of a thousand stylists in chunky sneakers rushing around to various showrooms in Los Angeles, yelling on the phone and battling for supremacy on the awards circuit red carpet deathmatch tournament, which climaxes in two weeks at the 92nd Annual Academy Awards. Luckily, Jezebel is here to explain all the movies in Oscar contention.

Have you ever seen those car commercials where Matthew McConaughey stares into the rearview window and rubs his hands across the steering wheel like he wants to have sex with it? Ford v Ferrari is like that, but worse. Cars go around in circles, and then they go around in circles some more, and then some men argue about America and cars because those two things are inextricably linked in the soul of every middle-aged man who enjoyed this movie. Unless you have a dad who really wants to watch Christian Bale movies about cars over the Christmas break, though, you probably didn’t see it. This video is here to help with that. Beware of spoilers!

Producer: Lisa Fischer, Senior Producer: Jennifer Perry, Editor: Michael Pasquariello

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