Foreign Ads Posit That Some Women Actually Care About Soccer


This Lay’s ad out of Uruguay has a seriously edgy premise: that a chick might actually be into fútbol, and perhaps even more shockingly, know what she’s talking about.

It’s all in Spanish, so allow us to roughly translate: At first, the lone girl on the couch appears uninterested in the action that is making her male friends lunge towards the screen in joy. And then she says coolly that it doesn’t count, and launches into a technical explanation making her case. When the ref agrees, the dudes have to concede that she knows her shit. The tagline indicates that just as you can’t do without girls who love soccer, you can’t do without Lays.

It’s not a specifically woman-targeted campaign, from the looks of it — the other spot includes just dudes treating their house like a stadium, and a parallel spot substituting Chile for Uruguay. (Such promiscuity!)

The ad was made by Punto Ogilvy and Oriental Films in Uruguay. Contrast it with this Argentine ad for Fox Sports En Español from last year, which is labeled, “Women will never understand,” and stars an exasperated woman and an Apatovian man-child.

Or, for that matter, the sulky, male-oriented ads we saw during the Super Bowl in this country.

Also stateside is this Bebe ad campaign, which shows immensely laquered models kicking a ball around.

While we don’t recommend soccer in heels, at least they’re not just on the sidelines.

Mujeres Que Saben De Futbol [YouTube]
Oriental Films [Official Site]

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