Former 'Playboy' Centerfold Goes Goody-Goody


In 1983, Susie Scott Krabacher was a Playboy centerfold. Now 43, the blonde, “hourglass-shaped” woman is a savior for Haitian babies, reports MSNBC. Krabacher, 43, founded the Mercy and Sharing Foundation, a charity that provides shelter, schooling and health care to children from the poorest slums of Haiti. Funded mostly through private donors, the charity runs six schools, three orphanages, an abandoned-baby ward and a cervical cancer screening center. Krabacher’s memoir, Angels of a Lower Flight, is to be released this month, and chronicles her journey from a poor childhood in Alabama to the Playboy mansion and to Haiti. Krabacher, who lives in Apsen but travels to Haiti several times a year, “has been known to waltz into the most dangerous slums wearing platform boots and flowing skirts to ask tattooed gang leaders to allow her charity work to proceed without being robbed.”

She’s not exactly Princess Di, but Krabacher was invited to Buckingham Palace to receive the Rose Award, presented by the foundation established to further Princess Diana’s commitment to the poor. While the MSNBC story doesn’t mention it, Krabacher has a troubled past: Sexual abuse, the psychiatric breakdown of her mother, multiple foster homes, a brother’s suicide. It’s no wonder that there are rumors of a film deal. America loves a story of redemption, and Susie Scott Krabacher has one — with nudity! So we’re wondering: Who will play Krabacher in the movie of her life? (We think she looks a little like Dina Lohan.)

Ex-Centerfold Is Unlikely Savior For Haitian Kids [MSNBC]

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