Fourth Grade Girls Planned to Murder Teacher With Hand Sanitizer 


A group of elementary students in New York were reportedly plotting to kill their teacher using hand sanitizer.

Police with Genesee County Sheriff’s Office said they worked with officials at Elba Elementary when they learned of a plot to murder a teacher at the school. The girls—all students at Elba Elementary School—knew that their teacher had a severe allergy to hand sanitizer, police said. The girls reportedly planned to put hand sanitizer on various things in the classroom and school that their teacher would touch. The principal at Elba Elementary discovered the plot and contacted police. Via WJLA:

Sheriff’s deputies and other officials met with the children accused of the plot and their parents. At least one parent said the children knew the teacher could become very sick from contact with hand sanitizer, according to the incident report. One of the mothers said after learning about the plan, she contacted the school. Another set of parents said they knew about it as well, but did not tell anyone.

The girls will not face any charges because no actual crime was committed, the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office said.

School district officials are now conducting their own investigation and want to use “this incident as a vehicle for educating the district’s students regarding appropriate behaviors…it is important to note that no one was injured or actually placed in harm’s way.”

Image via Shutterstock.

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