Fox Host is Last Person in America Who Doesn't 'Get' Stephen Colbert


After having a segment of his deliciously skewered by Stephen Colbert this week, one Fox News host is FIGHTING BACK. Against what, exactly, we’re not sure.

Howard Kurtz, who earlier this week did a whole segment about how Hillary Clinton is a Moldy Old McOldpants, had his ass righteously handed to him on The Colbert Report shortly thereafter. But Kurtz was upset with the way he was issued the smackdown, accusing the joke-host of the satirical program of Taking Him Out Of Context and Making A Mockery Of Journalism. Which is kind of Stephen Colbert’s whole, uh, thing.

No matter. On Fox News Insider today, Kurtz writes,

It’s about time someone took on Stephen Colbert.
This guy—a fake anchor if ever there was one—has been maligning hard-working journalists for too long.
Journalists like me.
In an effort to get a few cheap laughs, this Comedy Central clown took my work out of context and, worse, engaged in selective editing. It was nothing less than a deliberate attempt to mislead viewers.
I’ll be responding in spades on Sunday’s “Media Buzz.”

I can’t wait to not watch.

Now, it’s possible that Kurtz’s saber-rattling is an attempt to goad Colbert into responding on his show, which gets higher ratings than Media Buzz (plus the people who watch it are much younger and probably also cooler). But it’s also possible that Howard Kurtz is an actual idiot even less tuned into the world he inhabits than the average Fox News viewer. Either way, I’m a little embarrassed for him.

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