Fox News Tackles Fair and Balanced Issue of Adele's and Kelly Clarkson's Weight


The day after the Grammys Fox News’ Neil Cavuto decided to address the “critics taking to Twitter” to slam Kelly Clarkson and Adele as bad role models for being fat. (The example was one tweet by, like, a regular no-name person.) Anyway, he invited a nutritionist on his show to basically explain why it’s unhealthy to be overweight and then wouldn’t let her really get her point across, repeatedly cutting her off to play the role of the gentleman sticking up for the ladies. Meanwhile, he’s the one who referred to Adele as a “modern-day Mama Cass,” and “fatter than normal.” And to top it off, he body-shamed the nutritionist, saying, “You’re almost too thin.”

Fox News Felt The Need To Discuss Adele And Kelly Clarkson’s Weight [BuzzFeed]

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