French Dating Site Lets You Put Dudes In Your Shopping Cart


The French dating site AdopteUnMec (Adopt A Dude) treats guys like products women can put in their shopping carts. This may be a little disturbing for dudes, but for women, it could be an appealing place to shop for sex.

According to a helpful reader who translated for us, AdopteUnMec explains itself as follows:

The AdopteUnMec concept is simple. The customer is king — but in this case she is the queen. Women are honored. This is a supermarket for hook ups where women always get a bargain.

The site extends its shopping metaphor by offering women a “shopping cart,” referring to featured dudes’ profiles as “deals of the day,” and dividing guys up into “product categories” including “nerd,” “adventurer,” “beardless” and “bisexual.” Some dudes may bristle at the idea of being divided up into types (especially by sexual orientation), but a number of men appear to have provided testimonials. My personal favorite (mangled via Google Translate) is, “I like being a man subject to cuddle.”

In addition to the supermarket metaphor, the site appears to offer a woman-centric model that’s not necessarily relationship-centric. In their testimonials, some women say they’ve found long-term partners on the site. Others, however, may be there for shorter-term fun — says one woman, “I am no longer the virgin girl who was ashamed of sex.”

Of course, plenty of women seek out casual encounters on more conventional dating sites. And those dating sites have been compared, unfavorably at times, to shopping malls for love. But by fully embracing this comparison, AdopteUnMec has created a playful site that lets ladies pick exactly the kind of man they’d like to meet for an evening. It may not be a path to true love, but it is an acknowledgement that women like some no-strings fun — and it’s a pretty smart business idea too. [Home]

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