French Same-Sex Marriage Protesters Spew Hateful Garbage, Two Women Awesomely Respond by Making Out


This photo of two women kissing was taken at a French anti-gay marriage rally in Marseille is, obviously, pretty fucking awesome. But, even better, it’s helped to focus the world’s attention on same-sex marriage in France.

Apparently, this wave of anti-same-sex marriage protests all over France is a new thing, sparked by President François Hollande (that name could only be more French if his middle name was “Pepé Le Pew”). One of Hollande’s campaign promises was to legalize same-sex marriage in France; as it stands now, same-sex partners is something akin to the United States’ civil union. It first appeared that the National Assembly would easily pass the bill, but after this backlash, people — the ones who care about equality and not being assholes — are getting concerned.

According to VICE:

Throughout the protest, there was tension in the air and the occasional flare-up. At one point it became very heated when two women hopped the fence and began to make-out intensely. They were swiftly separated before the cops could break up the encounter.

Intense! As for the bigots in the background: Take a picture, bigots, it’ll last longer.

The protests — organized by Vita Alliance, a gross group of anti-same-sex marriage zealots that was founded in 1993 by Christine Boutin, a Christian Parliamentarian — are extremely well organized and attended. Although the group is clearly coming from a place of religious intolerance, they appear to hide this fact in much of their rhetoric. It’s pretty wild, because in the U.S., religion is used as the tool to condem same-sex marriage, but with these protests, they’re almost concealing the religious aspect and making the argument more about, “One Dad, One Mom, Healthy Family.” I wonder which is the more effective argument? I’m leaning religion because it’s really hard to argue with the Lord’s Words.

What does it even look like to make this argument without religion? Pretty hilarious, it turns out.

The “Un papa une maman” (“one dad one mum”) demonstration featured a performer sporting a spandex suit and wings, fluttering between “mamas” and “papas” before gaining steam from the cheers of both. The performance was supposed to demonstrate that a child needs both a mother and father.

Sounds super persuasive and powerful and not at all like camp. This is bullshit! France, you are supposed to be the land of baguettes without calories, nightly bottles of wine that lead to a longer life instead of alcoholism, and a dismissive attitude toward everything that translates to everyone doing who they want when they want to. Paris is the most romantic city in the world, for crying out loud! Or has An American in Paris just lying to me all these years?

Lesbian Kiss Steals Spotlight at Gay Parenting Protest [French 24]

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